Esprimendo l’impresso (… fra musica e vaneggiamenti)

1. Claudia’s Belly
2. How I feel inside
3. Un giorno d’estate
4. Rumorando
5. Impressioni
6. Oceano
7. Parlando a Mertens
8. Espressioni
9. A Michel Petrucciani (…un pensiero)

Diego Morga – piano

Recorded in Bari in my small personal studio using a sampled grand piano sound.

Esprimendo l’Impresso is my first solo piano work. Totally self-produced album, from the recordings (made in my small personal studio using a sampled “Steinway” sound), to the CD printing, up to the final packaging; album in which written themes follow each other (Claudia’s Belly, Un Giorno d’Estate, A Michel Petrucciani…) and free impromptu improvisations (Rumorando, Espressioni…), imaginary dialogues with some (Parlando a Mertens), and migrating thoughts towards others (A Michel Petrucciani)... all musical moments marked by a certain "emotional intensity". 

2000 – self production