1. Amsterdam
2. Gli occhi dietro la parete
3. Quiete e tempeste
4. Incipit # 1
5. L’ame d’un pianiste
6. Eterea
7. Passi
8. Incipit # 2
9. Nei tuoi occhi
10. Les passions
11. Rosso torbido
12. Incipit # 3
13. Waltz for A.
14. L’ame d’un pianiste (Remix Version)
15. Mentre ti guardo (String Quartet Version)

Diego Morga – piano, music, arrangements, production
Giacomo Mongelli – drums and “Amsterdam” composition
Vittorio Gallo – soprano sax (tr. 11)
Francesco Palazzo – accordion (tr. 3)
Fantasmagramma – electronics (tr. 4, 6, 8, 12)
Roberto Matarrese – electronics (tr. 14)

String Quartet (tr. 3, 7, 11, 15)
Emanuela Lioy (violin) Roberta Daugenti (violin) Giuseppe Piccininni (viola) Scintilla Porfido (cello)

Recorded by Roberto Matarrese and Mirco Patella at "Itaca" studio - Bari. Mixing, editing and mastering by Roberto Matarrese.

“Fluorescenze” is the new album by pianist and composer Diego Morga.
Philosophically represents the continuation of the stylistic and artistic-creative line of the previous albums Esprimendo l’Impresso (2000) and Da Qui Passano i Venti (2007), with melodic lines and minimal atmospheres even more decidedly affirmed.
Important side musicians in this album are the free jazz drums by Giacomo Mongelli, the accordion by Francesco Palazzo (tr. 3), the soprano sax by Vittorio Gallo (tr. 11), the string quartet (tr. 3, 7, 11, 15) by Emanuela Lioy and Roberta Daugenti (violin), Giuseppe Piccininni (viola) and Scintilla Porfido (cello), and the electro-noise sounds by Fantasmagramma (unaware guests of this work ;-))
Entirely new and original writings (except for a string quartet remake of Mentre Ti Guardo - a piece already present in "Da Qui Passano i Venti").
In this work there are three tracks entitled “Incipit”, some free “digressions” inspired by few measures from the Nocturne n.2 in E flat major Op. 9/2 by Fryderyk Chopin.
Many of the tracks here proposed have been composed in the last years for contemporary dance choreographies, during his activity as accompanist pianist and composer for dance (Incipit, L’àme d’un Pianiste, Eterea, Rosso Torbido, Gli Occhi dietro la Parete, Les Passions e Waltz for A.) starting to collaborate in the last months of 2012 with the Royal Danish Theater (Det Kongelige Teater) in Copenhagen and theAccademia Nazionale di Danza in Rome.

Gateway – 2013