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Pianist and composer, suspended between jazz, post-minimalism and film music. Master’s degree in Jazz Music at the conservatory of music of Bari (Italy), at his fourth solo album, composes for contemporary dance and short films collaborating with leading figures from the worlds of music and dance. Among his latest collaborations to be counted, those with Ferruccio Spinetti, Petra Magoni, Francesco Magnelli and Ginevra Di Marco – for music – Oriella Dorella, Raffaele Paganini, Dino Verga, Larrio Ekson and many other – for dance -. After his first recording “Esprimendo L’Impresso”, a solo piano work published in 2000, it’s time for Da Qui Passano I Venti” published by Dodicilune Records and released in 2007. Guests in this album are, among others, Sergio Rubini (very famous italian director and actor), to declaim ‘I can write the verses’ of P. Neruda (track 3) and Ferruccio Spinetti (marvelous doublebass in track 7). In early 2011 he is working on “Chi ha fottuto Donald Duck”, a new album in trio with Camillo Pace (doublebass) and Lello Patruno (drums) to form the “Donald Duck Trio”. In november 2011 he is on the stage of “Time Zones – sulla via delle musiche possibili”, an important international music festival (that takes place in Bari – Italy – and sees Yann Tiersen and the danish singer/songwriter Agnes Obel as leading guests) to present his latest work Fluorescenze”, that represents the philosophical, artistic and creative continuation of the previous albums “Esprimendo L’Impresso” (2000) and Da Qui Passano I Venti” (2007), with melodic lines and minimalist atmosphere even more decisively affirmed.

diego 1 BNIn this new album he presents new and original music (except for a string quartet rearrangement of Mentre Ti Guardo - track already present in “Da Qui Passano i Venti”). In this last album there are also three tracks entitled “Incipit”,  free “digressions” inspired by some (very few) bars from the Fryderyk Chopin Nocturne n.2 in Eb Op. 9/2. Many of the tracks present in this album have been composed in the last years for choreography of contemporary dance during his activity as pianist and composer for dance, activity which led him to collaborate, since last months of 2012, with the Royal Danish Theater (Det Kongelige Teater), The Tivoli Pantomime Theatre (Pantomimeteatret i Tivoli), Danish Dance Theater (Dansk Danseteater), and the Danish National School of Performing Arts (Statens Scenekunstskole) in Copenhagen, Skånes Dansteater in Malmö (Sweden) and the Accademia Nazionale di Danza in Rome.

…about him:

Diego Morga defies easy classification…. writes for dance and theater, cultivating the art of improvisation, but admires the post-minimalist composers (Nyman, Wim Mertens…). In short, a musician who should be listened to without prejudice. “Da Qui Passano I Venti” is a mature work: the twelve tracks that comprise it, all original compositions, and all very “written”, are all themes for imaginary films, sound environments that lead to the idea of musique d’ameublement but without being trapped. The piano is the center of everything, but there are also, here and there, contributions from other instrumental voices: double-bass by Ferruccio Spinetti, violin by Emanuela Lioy. In “Il Canto” (track 3) the scene fills unexpectedly: here is the acting voice of Sergio Rubini, reciting some verses of Neruda’s lost love, a very lyrical soprano sax solo, a beating percussion and cymbalta 60 mg a string quartet..… Music does not speak. But sometimes it’s more eloquent than many words”.

Fabrizio Versienti (Corriere del Mezzogiorno)

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