Songs on My Mind

1. Don’t stand so close to me
2. Imagine
3. Heroes
4. Come together
5. Someone to watch over me
6. Norwegian wood
7. Message in a bottle
8. Love will tear us apart
9. O que serà
10. With or without you
11. Take it with me

Diego Morga: Arrangements, piano and Fender Rhodes piano
Tobias Dall Mikkelsen: contrabass
Giacomo Mongelli: drums (tracks 1, 2, 6, 9)
Nikolaj Dall Mikkelsen: drums (tracks 4, 5, 7, 10)
Vittorio Gallo: soprano sax
Giuliano Di Cesare: trumpet (tracks 04, 05)
Alessandro Granda: el. guitars (track 10)
Thomas Vang: electric bass (track 8)

All tracks Recorded and mixed at “The Village Recording” Studio by Thomas Vang – Copenhagen (Denmark).
Trumpet and soprano sax in tracks 04 and 05 recorded at “Sorriso studios” by Tommy Cavalieri – Bari (Italy).
Mastered by Real World Studios Online Mastering Services

Songs on My Mind is the title of the italian/danish production by the pianist and composer Diego Morga.
Released in Copenhagen on the 3rd novembre 2017, is a collection (maybe just the first) of some important songs from the pop e rock repertoire of the latest 60 tearsincluding a couple of standards taken from the jazz repertoire.
The tracklist presents refined arrangements by Diego Morga, and slightly tinged of jazz, of songs like “Don’t stand so close to me” and “Message in a bottle” by the Police, “Imagine” by John Lennon, a minimal arrangement with piano and el. bass of “Love will tear us apart” by the Ian Curtis post- punk band Joy Division, “With or without you” by U2, a really evocative “Take it with me” by Tom Waits, here reproposed with piano, contrabass and soprano sax , and a couple of jazz standard as “Someone to watch over me” by George and Ira Gershwin, and “O que sarà” by the brasilian songwriter Chico Buarque.
To confirm the italian/danish character of this production is for sure the coexistance of extraordinary danish and italian musicians collaborating and masterfully interpreting all the arrangements. Vittorio Gallo on the soprano sax, Giacomo Mongelli on drums, Giuliano Di Cesare on trumpet and Alessandro Granda el. guitars contend for the scene with some of the most representative musicians in Copenhagen as Tobias Dall Mikkelsen on contrabass, Nikolaj Dall Mikkelsen on drums e Thomas Vang in the double role of sound engineering and el. bass in “Love will tear us apart”.

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